Crochet Candy Corn Halloween Place Mat


I’m still focusing on “yarn busting,” before I buy anymore new yarn.   I bought the candy corn colors years ago and I still cannot remember what my original intent was.  So far though, I’ve made a few place mats and buntings using the candy corn motif.  This place mat is my latest.  I’m very happy about it because when I was done it was severely bunched up as if the pattern and my gauge caused too many stitches.  Surprisingly after I washed it and then ran a light iron over it and it flattened out perfectly.  I guess one could say I “blocked” it.

SAM_6302I may use this same pattern to off load some red, white, and blue yarn that I have.  Now to find the diagram/pattern again.  I have no clue where I saved it on my computer.

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3rd 36″ Crochet Round Rug

This rug was a major yarn-buster.  Although, there were a few rows that I was limping to the end trying not to run out of one color/yarn before being forced to move on to another skein.

I  like getting rid of yarn that I’ve had for too long.

You can see in the above photo how on the last outer row I ran out of bulky yellow and had to use more of the bulky white.  But, that’s okay, no flower in nature is perfectly colored.


Some, but not all of the yarn I used is listed below:

Lion Brand®, Hometown, USA Dallas Grey, Super Bulky,

Lion Brand® Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick® Yarn, Super Bulky, Navy

Lion Brand Homespun® Yarn, Montana Sky.

Loops & Threads® Charisma™ Yarn: Royal, Yellow, and White, Bulky

Loops & Treads, Zoomba, Lightening, Super Bulky,

Caron® Simply Soft®, Dark Country Blue, Ocean

Lion Brand® Homespun® Black

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2nd 36″ Crochet Round Rug

My crocheting has an extra enjoyability factor when I know I’m using up yarn that has been unused for some time.  Recently, I’ve finished my 2nd rug using yarn I had already.  The weird thing is when I go and look in my stash often I can’t for the life of me remember the original purpose for the yarn purchase.  At one time, I did use this Loops & Threads® Country Loom™ Yarn in another color for a throw I  made for a brother. Even though I didn’t like the end product, I sent it to him anyway.  But, when I was half way through with the second brother’s throw using this very yarn pictured, I was too unhappy with it.  The fact is, this is a yarn rug.  It didn’t work as a throw.  I really can’t think of much it would work for other than a rug.  It’s a bit rough.  Not scratchy, but rough.

I doubled the strands because one strand alone isn’t thick enough for a rug.  I did crochet a single strand rug using the Loops & Threads® Country Loom™ Yarn  but it was too thin when I stood on it.  Instead of pulling it out I now use it for a mat under the cat’s litter box.   In my opinion the yarn has to be doubled because when the strands are single it hurts my feet when I stand on it.  I can feel the variation in the stitches.  It’s not quite a stabbing feeling but it is a disrupted feeling.  When the yarn is double-stranded the rug feels more comfortable  to stand on.

In the photo, I used Loops & Threads® Country Loom™ Yarn, Solarium color.  In the end I only had enough yarn to half finish the final row, so I had to take that row out and search my stash for a substitute.  I used Loops & Threads® Charisma™ Yarn, Royal color.  I sort of like it more now. The royal color makes it clearer that I was going for a big flower look.

Yarn Used:

Loops & Threads® Country Loom™ Yarn 

COLOR: Solarium

Weight: Super Bulky

Contents: 100% acrylic

Skein Weight: 5 oz. / 140 g

Yardage: 125 yd. / 114 m

Loops & Threads® Charisma™ Yarn

Color: Royal

Weight: Bulky (5)

Contents: 100% acrylic

Skein Weight: 3.5 oz. / 100 g

Yardage: 109 yd. / 100 m


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The Art of Tying A Tie

I have had this pamphlet since working at Dillards in 1994. Now, I am sharing it with you, and putting the hard copy in the recyclable bin.


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The November Infinity Scarf

Lion Brand yarns, Homespun: 98% Acrylic 2% Polyester

Herb Garden and Saffron.  Measures 9″ wide and 60″ all the way round.

I made this scarf in these colors to encourage the thought of  pumpkins.

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Pixie Pink Bulky Crochet Infinity Scarf

I had fun making this bulky pixie pink infinity scarf. As a child, I enjoyed putting fringe on things. Yet, for some reason I don’t remember the task taking so long. I think I’ve grown impatient with age.

I used Bernat Blanket Brights, Pixie Pink. 100% Polyester, 220 yds, 10.5 oz. 2 skeins. Machine washable and dryable. The scarf measures 45″ x 11″ folded. That means if it wasn’t an infinity scarf it would be 90″ long. The 11″ wide does not count the fringe.

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Crochet 36″ Rug

I made this little 36” round rug to put on the floor by my bed. I wanted a project that would get rid of some of the yarn that I’ve had for some time. The skeins used for this rug have been hanging around in little hidey-holes here and there for the better part of seven years. It was time to use it or lose it. It’s been a few years since I’ve bought new yarn and that will remain the case until I get rid of the bulk of what I have.

The yarn in this project is Lion Brand Homespun (98% Acrylic, 2%Polyester , net weight 6 oz, 185 yd). I used both Herb Garden (painterly color) and Olive (solid) together. 4 skeins total.

Although it is considered rug yarn, one strand is not thick enough for a rug. I used two. If I had it to do over, I would use three strands. Even though two strands work well enough, three would’ve made it thicker and less need to smooth it out after being walked on. Actually, I don’t have to smooth it out that often, unlike the rug I made a few years back in which I only used one strand of yarn.

Naturally, I used a 16 MM Q hook (I would’ve used bigger if I had something bigger). The work moves along quickly and if you do not have any other chores or responsibilities the rug can be done in a few hours.

I think the finish project turned out lovely. It’s very forestry.

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Do You Know What This Is?

It’s plastic.  It’s somewhat sturdy.  It has the product name EKCO on it, which one can infer means it has something to do in the kitchen.  Notice the little dots/points are shaped like a diamond.   There are grooves at the top to suggest a finger grip.  There is a slit in the middle as if it can slide onto something.  I thought it may be a type of pie docker, but if so, why does it have the slit? Any help in identifying this would be appreciated.

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Troy and Crochet

Troy loves to lay his head on a four inch head band that I crocheted out of Lion Brand Homespun® Yarn, color Montana Sky.

Doesn’t he look so comfortable and adorable?

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Another Strawberry Cake

Remember the last strawberry cake I made for the kitties?  Well, I wanted to try a few things different.  In my latest strawberry cake, I did use strawberry gelatin in the sponge, but I didn’t use any fresh strawberries.  Instead, I saved my strawberries for a quick jam that I made on the stove top with fresh strawberries (that were being neglected), sugar, and a little cornstarch.   After the cakes cooled off, I spread the jam on the first layer, then on the top of the second layer finishing it off with a sprinkle of powdered sugar.  It was delicious.

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