The Art of Tying A Tie

I have had this pamphlet since working at Dillards in 1994. Now, I am sharing it with you, and putting the hard copy in the recyclable bin.


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The November Infinity Scarf

Lion Brand yarns, Homespun: 98% Acrylic 2% Polyester

Herb Garden and Saffron.  Measures 9″ wide and 60″ all the way round.

I made this scarf in these colors to encourage the thought of  pumpkins.

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Pixie Pink Bulky Crochet Infinity Scarf

I had fun making this bulky pixie pink infinity scarf. As a child, I enjoyed putting fringe on things. Yet, for some reason I don’t remember the task taking so long. I think I’ve grown impatient with age.

I used Bernat Blanket Brights, Pixie Pink. 100% Polyester, 220 yds, 10.5 oz. 2 skeins. Machine washable and dryable. The scarf measures 45″ x 11″ folded. That means if it wasn’t an infinity scarf it would be 90″ long. The 11″ wide does not count the fringe.

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Crochet 36″ Rug

I made this little 36” round rug to put on the floor by my bed. I wanted a project that would get rid of some of the yarn that I’ve had for some time. The skeins used for this rug have been hanging around in little hidey-holes here and there for the better part of seven years. It was time to use it or lose it. It’s been a few years since I’ve bought new yarn and that will remain the case until I get rid of the bulk of what I have.

The yarn in this project is Lion Brand Homespun (98% Acrylic, 2%Polyester , net weight 6 oz, 185 yd). I used both Herb Garden (painterly color) and Olive (solid) together. 4 skeins total.

Although it is considered rug yarn, one strand is not thick enough for a rug. I used two. If I had it to do over, I would use three strands. Even though two strands work well enough, three would’ve made it thicker and less need to smooth it out after being walked on. Actually, I don’t have to smooth it out that often, unlike the rug I made a few years back in which I only used one strand of yarn.

Naturally, I used a 16 MM Q hook (I would’ve used bigger if I had something bigger). The work moves along quickly and if you do not have any other chores or responsibilities the rug can be done in a few hours.

I think the finish project turned out lovely. It’s very forestry.

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Do You Know What This Is?

It’s plastic.  It’s somewhat sturdy.  It has the product name EKCO on it, which one can infer means it has something to do in the kitchen.  Notice the little dots/points are shaped like a diamond.   There are grooves at the top to suggest a finger grip.  There is a slit in the middle as if it can slide onto something.  I thought it may be a type of pie docker, but if so, why does it have the slit? Any help in identifying this would be appreciated.

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Troy and Crochet

Troy loves to lay his head on a four inch head band that I crocheted out of Lion Brand Homespun® Yarn, color Montana Sky.

Doesn’t he look so comfortable and adorable?

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Another Strawberry Cake

Remember the last strawberry cake I made for the kitties?  Well, I wanted to try a few things different.  In my latest strawberry cake, I did use strawberry gelatin in the sponge, but I didn’t use any fresh strawberries.  Instead, I saved my strawberries for a quick jam that I made on the stove top with fresh strawberries (that were being neglected), sugar, and a little cornstarch.   After the cakes cooled off, I spread the jam on the first layer, then on the top of the second layer finishing it off with a sprinkle of powdered sugar.  It was delicious.

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The Evolution of Our Easter Cake

in reverse order.  I wanted so much to make the sponge with pineapple and put crush pineapple in the frosting.   But there was too much protest.  So, in the end, it was white sponge and white frosting.  I had the children make their designs on paper first for how they wanted to decorate the bunny.  There choices were limited since I only offered jelly beans and food coloring (no Twizzlers!).



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The Evolution of Our Easter Tree

in reverse order..

We probably need more green. Also, over the years I have been slipping when it comes to finding after-Easter sales on tree ornaments. I found those few eggs about ten years ago, and those little decorations and haven’t revisited it since. I will keep my eyes out for something with color, maybe some rich greens.

I don’t know the name of the yellow or pink flowers. I got them off of shrubs growing in the back yard.

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Steak, Kale, and Potatoes

If you want steak and cannot afford a choice cut, the next best thing is to make a dish that has steak pieces in it.  With my latest dish, I used London Broil (A.K.A. English steak, Swiss steak, beef chuck or shoulder steak).  I paid around $6.00 total for the piece I used for dinner.  Because London Broil has little fat, it can easily become tough when prepared as a standalone steak.

I worked around the possibility of toughness by using it in thinly slice pieces.  I must warn you, with this choice of steak and with the use of fresh kale, this dish requires chewing.  That shouldn’t have to be a disclaimer, but I am learning with my grandchildren that any food that requires more chewing than for pizza is deemed undesirable.  What a bunch of lazy-butts.  At fault are the pizza’s soft cheese, sauce, and dough.

Anyway, this meal was very fulfilling.

I began with slicing up bell peppers, onions, and garlic and then sautéing them all in a skillet with a bit of sesame oil (too much sesame oil will ruin everything!) and olive oil.   After the onions were translucent, I pushed all the vegetables to one side of the skillet and added the thinly slice steak pieces, but not before I seasoned the meat with ground ginger, crushed red pepper flakes, course black pepper, and soy sauce.  When the steak was almost done, I added the fresh kale and stirred it around until it was wilted.

In another skillet, I heated some vegetable oil and fried up chunks of potatoes with the skin left on.  I wanted to call them cottage potatoes, but I think cottage potatoes are boiled whole first, and then cut up and fried.

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