Pulled Pork

If you need to stretch a piece of meat to provide for a lot of people, pulled pork is a very suitable option. One 7-8 lb. shoulder/pork butt can make plenty of sliders. We got our last pork shoulder/butt for $1.49 per lb. It ended up being $12.20. This dish can be cooked in the oven or in the crock pot. I like putting mine in the crock pot so I can start it on Low and go to bed. The oven will do for a nice 6-7 hour slow bake.

The Pioneer Woman makes this recipe and it is from her site where I first got it. The only changes I have made are using a crock pot, not measuring anything, and adding BBQ sauce to the finished product.

To start I put the pork butt fat side up in the crock pot. I pour in the Dr. Pepper (Coke would do too). I pour in the brown sugar. I chop up however many onions I am in the mood to chop up and lop in. And finally, I open a can of adobe style chipotle peppers and add those in. However, however! this is where I put the brakes on. You can in fact have too much chipotle. I’m not talking about at the level that someone is just being a baby; I mean you can really have too much chipotle. There are seeds in that can! I grew up hearing that it is the pepper seeds that bring the heat. Now it could be because I chop the peppers up. I don’t know. I do know that I have experimented with how much of the can I used each time. What I do is pour all of the sauce from the can into the crock pot. With the peppers though, I gauge my eater-audience. Will there be children eating?

Nevertheless, one third of the can is usually enough. I may use one half of the can if the piece of pork is over 10 lbs or if I am making more than one. Actually, if I made more than one with the purpose of combining them when they were done, I would use the whole can in one and none in the others and then mix them all together in a big tray. If you chop up the peppers like I do (I’ve even put them in the food processor before), the richness of the flavor and the heat will come through.

When the pork is done it will easily fall apart with a fork pulling it. If it doesn’t come apart easily, it is not done.

My sister-in-law (brother’s wife), Cynthia loves this pulled pork and I love her for it.

People appreciate when other like their food. It’s human nature. lol.

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