Strawberry Cake

Once I told the children I was making a strawberry cake, they were like hound dogs on the porch waiting for a bacon fry up.

For this cake, it falls into the category of, “doctoring up a box cake mix.”  First, the cake comes out such a lovely color.  The pink is gorgeous.  Second, when I frosted the bottom layer my frosting was thinner due to my reluctance to use more confectioners’ sugar.  I gave in for the top layer of cake and made the frosting thicker.  I need to accept the fact that frosting requires so much sugar and stop fighting reality.  The amount of sugar is simply shocking.  At least to me.  There are probably bakers out there saying, “4 cups of confectioners’ sugar? Child’s play!” You can find the online recipe here.

The cake is sweet and tastes very much like strawberry.  Although the recipe calls for a 3 ounces package of strawberry gelatin, next time I am going to try it with only 2 ounces.

I think a strawberry cake would be lovely for Easter.

In addition, I can see doing this with cherry, lemons, and/or oranges.

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