St. Patrick’s Day Heart Magnets

Today, I made five cute little St. Patrick’s Day heart magnets for the refrigerator. I’ve been going through drawers, cabinets, and boxes purging for a nice spring clean. Within a week or two there will not be one tiny little thing that I don’t know where it is or what it belongs to. It’s all about not having unnecessary stuff.

For this project, I didn’t buy a thing, not one single thing. I had some thin little wooden hearts that I had from years and years ago. Originally, I would drill a hole in the top of the heart and paint it to be used as a tree ornament. I also had magnet strips and St. Patrick’s Day fabric. I bought the fabric from Wal-Mart maybe 15 years ago, after St. Patrick’s Day. I remember thinking what a great deal. It was $1.00 a yard and I bought ½ yard in three different fabrics. At that time, I had some little hot glue and whatever project planned. Whatever it was, I didn’t get it done. However, today I was determined to do some small calming project that would be quick and easy. Gone are the days that everything has to be perfect. For example, if I had done these hearts years ago, both sides would’ve been covered in fabric and a nice silk ribbon would’ve been glued along the edge to cover up where the two sides of fabric met. Not anymore. When I thought about covering the back of the heart in fabric I asked myself, “what is the point; it is the back and will be on the refrigerator.” I’m happy I kept it simple. It took me back to 1st grade or one of those younger grades where we sat calmly in class working on an art project. The children loved them. Although the photos show Elmer’s glue, I ended up using Superglue for the magnet strip. Elmer’s glue was not strong enough. I did use Elmer’s glue for the fabric though.

Compare size to a quarter.

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