Crochet Black and Platinum Cowl, and Blog Reader Habits

Jack modeling a non-sex specific cowl.

Jack modeling a non-sex specific cowl.

We have a reluctant model here.  But, it is a good way to show his before and after haircut.  Jacques was beginning to look like Shaggy.  Ashton says he wants to keep his hair longer.  I asked him if he wants it as long as Shaggy’s and he said, “Not that long.”  When Jack came home with his new hair cut Ashton’s mouth literally fell opened.  Now, he wants his hair cut as soon as possible.

This black and platinum crochet cowl was a long time coming.  I first started it in California back in January 2015.  Black yarn, at least for my poor eyes, is hard to work with.  Only a precise light will do.  The perfect light was in California, outdoors.  But, I didn’t like crocheting outside. Here, the lighting is okay in the house in the daytime, but not ideal.   Determination has gotten me through to completion, however.  I am adamant about concluding unfinished projects.    My friend in the North mentioned something about Mercury Retrograde and it being the right time to complete projects, so I’m going with that.

Cowl in morning light.

Cowl in morning light.

Spring is fast approaching.   Looking at my blog stats, crochet posts start getting attention around mid-November and garner many visitors daily until around mid-February.  I find people in search of crochet posts to be stingy with their love.  Although my crochet posts get hits at a rate of 5:1 to other posts, I never get any “likes” or comments for those posts.  Instead, I get poachers.  The thing is, if I get an idea from another crochet[er], I will always link back to her, including when I use a crochet book. Once, I had a a comment[er] on a crochet diagram post, demand a written pattern. The nerve.  I deleted the comment.  Rude.

I find food bloggers to be the most generous and supportive, followed by photographers.  Meaning, my food posts get several “likes,” and posts labeled photography get the second most. People routinely google my television posts, but hardly ever comment, and never “like.”  Occasionally, I get what I suspect is a college student looking for essay thoughts with a few of my posts on novels.  Whatever I post on children’s books mostly go unnoticed (no “likes”).


The black yarn for this cowl is Caron Simply Soft Yarn, in Black.  The trim is Patons Metallic Yarn in Platinum.  The Patons is a little ornery to work with, so I only used it for the trim.  The platinum color is very beautiful though.  My photos do not show the satin- shine of the platinum.  It’s very soft too.

I didn’t set out to make this a cowl.  I wanted a scarf.  For some reason when I finished the first skein, I had thought it was the end of the second and the scarf was very short.   I assumed the stitch took up more yarn than I estimated.  Instead of buying another skein, I had to convert it into a cowl.  Murphy’s Law, after I did so, I found the second skein of black and realized my mistake.

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