Crochet Infinity Scarf

Another scarf finished. I started this one in California. As I’ve mentioned earlier I have at least 6-7 unfinished scarves and 3 blankets. I’m determined to finish everything and use up the bulk of my yarn stash before I consider anything else. Also, I want to have at least 10 items to start an Etsy shop. Or, if you ever see anything here you would like, you can always donate to my GoFundMe page. Just leave me a comment and we can work it out. I can use every penny I get, and I am quite frugal.


If my Etsy shop doesn’t pique any interest (there is a lot of crochet on Etsy), I will save up and participate in next winter’s craft fair (providing doing so is affordable). I know eventually I will get away from the anxiety about money that I developed while living with a financial abuser.


Anyway, this infinity scarf was made with the same yarn I used for Danielle’s scarf here. The pattern is my own design. I love making different scarf designs, especially ones that are fun but not over-complicated and time consuming.



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