Crochet Scarf and Networking


For this scarf, I used Lion Brand, Vanna’s Choice Yarn, Kelly Green.  I am giving it to a woman who has helped me network for future employment prospects.   I appreciate her hard work and dedication so much.  She didn’t have to help, but she did and still does.  Not everyone appreciates handmade gifts, but I am sure she will just because she is a decent person.   That sounds like I’m throwing shade at someone.  I guess I am in a way.  Because I have met people who really think handmade is inferior to what is produced in a sweatshop overseas.


The thing about professional networking, or what I would say if someone asked me, is always cultivate your garden.  Be professional and kind and most of all don’t go in it expecting anything.  That’s what makes it all the better.  I believe, and I believe this because I can feel it showing on my face when I am false, that most people can see through obsequiousness, false flattery, and/or blatant opportunism.  Unfortunately, there are situations in which being a sycophant pays off. In those cases, I’m not sure what to tell you other than truth will out, as well as good work ethics.  Moreover, when it doesn’t pay off, you have to access your situation and move on, with moderation of course.

There’s a whole other subject to discuss about how many 22-year-olds come out of college expecting to be able to buy cars, houses, and have the career status equivalent to a 55-year-old who has been working for years.  Therefore, moderate expectations are always keen.  Most importantly, again, kindness is essential.  Genuine kindness.  Being a doormat is not kindness and expecting a reward is not kindness. Exercising and accepting dignity and equality is kindness.

Anyway, I discovered while photographing this Kelly Green scarf that the color green can be difficult to photograph.  I tried different light and angles within that light and at times a rust and lime color wanted to join the photo.   Eventually, I gave up.  I chose green because it is the favorite color of the recipient.  I hope she enjoys it.  She wears a lot of scarves.

For this scarf like the one here, I used a diagram pattern.  However, I went with the vertical instead of the horizontal.




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