The Earth Day Butterflies in the Garden Infinity Scarf

February 2016 013

My yarn-busting is coming along in between and around my school work, my grandchildren, my career development, negotiating the dynamics of living in close proximity of in-laws, fighting off old habits, recognizing and living with the reality that my family’s anxiety with each other has originated from one long continuous bout of avoidance-coping, actualizing my gregarious artist temperament with my own stifling mediocrity,  and walking through the college prep process with my teenage daughter.

Yes, I am determined to use most, if not all of my yarn before I buy any more.

February 2016 004

Earth Day isn’t until April and I am sure by then no one will want to wear anything but a super lightweight scarf, but because of this scarf’s colors, the name fits perfectly.

February 2016 008

Therefore, my latest crochet project completion is an infinity scarf that I like to call “Butterflies in the Garden.” The inner light green portion was completed back in 2012 before I returned to school fulltime.  I didn’t set out for it to be an infinity scarf, just a long scarf with an interesting pattern.  I used a slight deviation of bynumber19’s Papillion (Thank you!) scarf (papillion is butterfly in French, isn’t that lovely?)

February 2016 002

For the longest I left the scarf with just the lighter green (it’s a green between lime and green apple), but it never felt complete. So the other day when I decided to give it another go and thought about trimming it, I couldn’t find any more of the original green.  I considered trimming it in a nice black, but the combination felt like a 1990s throwback .  I held up a few other shades of green and nothing stood out.  Finally, I decided to try mixing yarns with different thickness.

The seam

The seam

I have three or four skeins of Lion Brand Homespun® Yarn: Herb Garden, so, I am keen to find uses for it.  In my photos here, the trim looks browner than it is, even though I tried taking photos in different rooms with different light. There is brown in the “Herb Garden” yarn, but there is just as much green (actually green and red makes brown, which would explain the perception of brown dominance). The Lion Brand website describes “Herb Garden” as “Painterly’ color cool medium green with red and brown.”

Folded side view.

Folded side view.

The daughter wants it, however she wants every scarf I make.  I plan to add this one to the other six that I have almost finished and sell them in a craft fair next fall.  Unless someone wants to buy it from me now.

I crocheted in the vertical then joined the two ends together.  From there, I did the trim in the round. One side first, tied off, then the other side.

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