A Lesson About Perfection: The Little Red Rocking Chair

You know that commercial, I don’t know what’s it is advertising but it is about a mother who will not let any germs touch her first newborn baby. But, by the time she gets to the second or maybe it is the third baby she is letting the baby touch all kinds of icky looking things.

When I first bought the unfinished rocking chair my 15 year old daughter was only 2-3 years old. Because I knew that a proper finish would require sanding, priming, and the perfect application of paint, the rocking chair sat in the garage until the perfect time came to do that project. Eventually she outgrew the chair and it began collecting cobwebs. A little boy we fostered for a while also outgrew the chair before it was taken out of the garage.

Then my oldest grandchild outgrew the chair. Finally, the other day, I was thinking about buying a chair for the Gremlins (twins) to sit in and I was like, “Hey, I have that rocking chair in the garage, why should I spend money on a chair.”

I decided I was going to simply wash the chair off, let it sun dry and then paint it using spray paint. End of story. I did just that. I washed it with the water hose. Let it sit outside and dry for a day. Painted one side one day. Let it sit outside all day and then brought it into the house to avoid the evening/morning mist/dew. Took it back outside and sprayed the other side and then repeated the day before. Now it is done and the Gremlins have a chair.

Yes, it probably could’ve been sanded,  maybe primed, and even hand painted, but, I don’t care, it is no longer in the garage but in the house and  being used. Everyday use.

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