Crochet Sugar’ n Cream Yellow, White, and Daisy Colored Flower Coasters


Okay, another WIP completed.  Well, I cheated a bit.  I changed directions.  When I mentioned this WIP before, I thought I had 13-14 flowers.  It turns out that I have 18.  My original intent was to put the flowers together to make a lightweight cotton throw.  Now however, I cannot.


First, I no longer know what pattern I used to make these flowers.  I also cannot remember the hook size.  I can foresee enough to know how frustrated I will become if I continue to make flowers that are larger or smaller and with varying shapes than the 18 I have at present. I do know I remember how happy I was when I was making these  yellow, white, and yellow and white beauties.  I used Sugar’ n Cream, Yellow, White, and Daisy.


I have decided to give them away as coasters in sets of 4.  I will have 4 sets with two single flowers remaining.  I crocheted a ribbon of 25 chain stitches to tie them together.  Although, I am afraid the “ribbon” sort of looks like shoestrings.  The sets will be mixed except the set for my mother-in-law.  Hers will be all white.  I think the sunny-ness of the yellow and white may be too overwhelming for her particular aesthetic.  I note, because I love.


Lesson learned.

From this day forward, I will begin a crochet journal.  With all new projects, I will include a copy of the pattern (or a reference to where it can be located), the hook size and type and color of yarn.

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