Crochet Scarf Using Chart/Diagram Pattern

I used this wonderful diagram pattern below to make this scarf. However, I made the chain as long as I wanted the scarf and worked in a horizontal direction instead of the standard vertical direction. The drawback to working in a horizontal direction is, if you decide your scarf is too short or too long when you are finished, there is nothing you can do about it. Therefore, it is very important to make sure the scarf is exactly the length you desire before you invest the stitches. Although I have made scarves using this diagram pattern before in the vertical and horizontal positions, the horizontal is easier because you do not have to keep up with the pattern change as often. I added shells all the way around the edging.

I gave this scarf to a staff member at my daughter’s school last year.

The yarn is, Simply Soft, Bone color, 6 oz., 315 yards, Weight category: 4, Content: 100% acrylic, Care: machine wash and dry. I always wash and dry everything I make for someone to make sure everything works out fine. Also it softens the yarn and smells good.

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