W.I.P Crochet Gryffindor Cowl


Even if you have been living under a rock you must know what is happening on July 15, 2011.  I’ve re-read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows over the 4th of July holiday so I can be well armed to scoff at portions of the movie that are not in the book (like that dreadful burning of the Burrow scene in The Half-Blood Prince.  What was that all about?  I am still rolling my eyes at that waste of time that could have been used to include the scuffle that took place at Hogwarts during Dumbledore’s death,— or even covering his funeral).  Nevertheless, I am working on a Gryffindor scarf.  I decided to use the first and second year motif vs. the later years.  The later year scarf is too subtle, –mostly red (burgundy really) with a few thin lines of gold.

Here is the thing.  I bought exactly the same brand of yarn for both colors and the same weight.  However, for some reason the burgundy crocheted wider than the gold.  I hate changing colors when I crochet, not because of the way it looks but because I hate the thought of doing it wrong.  I don’t like knots and I am afraid the way I am doing it will cause the yarn to unravel after the garment has been washed.  That is why I wash everything before I give it away.  But, I do believe I have finally learned how to change yarn without using a knot and without the risk of it unraveling.  Anyway, after about the fifth color block I could not tolerate the burgundy being wider than the gold and I could not tolerate the thought of undoing all of my work, so I turned that piece into a cowl, a Gryffindor cowl.  Lesson learned.  Now I have started a new scarf (for my daughter) and I am using a larger hook for the gold and a smaller one with the burgundy.  I think it is odd still.  Why would color affect the size of the yarn when both are  supposedly the same weight and of course the same brand.

I am please with the results so far though. The picture is making the red brighter looking than it actually is.  It is darker in person.



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